Karen Bruce | the local choice for Elmet and Rothwell

My name is Karen Bruce and I would like your support to become Labour’s candidate to fight Elmet and Rothwell at the next general election. If you’re a Labour member in the constituency then you’ll probably already have a vote. If you’re not and are interested in joining Labour then please get in touch.

All my life I’ve been a doer. That’s why I’ve been a 21st century campaigner in Elmet and Rothwell since 2005 by combining the best of traditional campaigning with the internet and social media. In 2011 I won the first seat off the Liberal Democrats to become a councillor in Rothwell and I’d already been a councillor for Garforth, Swillington and Methley for six years.

On this website you can find out lots more about me, what I’ve achieved and what I believe. I’m not just campaigning to win the selection, but more importantly to beat Alec Shelbrooke. That’s why I’ve been pounding the streets and hitting the phones for 22 years. Since 2005 I’ve been writing my local blog and holding both the Liberal Democrats and the Tories to account.

It’s vital that Elmet and Rothwell has a local candidate who has a real track record in the constituency and real life work and family experience that local people can relate to.

Over my 22 years in the constituency I’ve got to know many local members and during the selection I’d love to catch up with you and meet those of you I don’t know. Please give me a local call on 0113 282 5321, text me on 07534 822479 or email [email protected] to arrange a meeting.

Please let me know what you think

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