Stop the closure of Rothwell Fire Station

Thanks to your support our Save Our Station campaign has saved Rothwell fire station. We collected about 3,000 objections to the closure – via the petition on this website, our paper petition and leaflets delivered to all 10,000 homes in Rothwell, Woodlesford, Oulton and Carlton. Across West Yorkshire there were 12,000 objections about the proposed closure of 10 stations, so 25% of ALL objections were to support Rothwell fire station.

7 Replies to “Stop the closure of Rothwell Fire Station

  1. My father served at Rothwell in the 1960-70s was a fireman for 27 years. He is 91 now and he will be shocked as will many if the fire station were to close. We need our fire brigade, we rely on our firemen.

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