Idea to tackle lockdown dog poo problem

We’ve always had a problem with a minority of dog owners who don’t pick up poo when they take their dogs for a walk. I’ve had an idea which will do a little to help and I’ve already had a fantastic response. I’m getting some I love Rothwell poo bags produced and have found some brilliant local businesses to sponsor them and help give them out.

We’ve all been going for more walks during lockdown, getting out for our exercise near home and it’s been striking how much more dog poo is being left in our local streets and parks. There has been a spate of complaints on local social media on the subject as the problem has become even worse than it used to be.

When I was a councillor I got extra bins and signs put up in various places around the Rotwhell ward and also had the idea for the poo bags, but didn’t have chance to do it before I lost my council seat in the last local elections.

Karen Bruce picking up dog poo in Rothwell photo.

Local people and other dog walkers have raised this with me whilst I’ve been out walking locally and contacting me about it. It seems to have increased with more people getting dogs as pets during the pandemic. I know it can be a pain to pick up after your dog, but really it’s quick, clean and easy and most of us do it! It seems to be mostly my job in our house! Me and my daughter always have to check we’ve got some bags before setting off with our spaniel. This should be a regular routine for all dog walkers. There’s no excuse not to be a responsible, considerate dog owner. Let’s just pick it up, bag it up and bin it.

I’ve got quotes to get 10,000 dog poo bags and the idea is to get them printed with We love Rothwell and a list of local businesses who have sponsored them. They’ll then all have a supply so can give them free to people who will come in to the shop or cafe to get some. I managed to get enough businesses signed up within days through my Facebook post and by getting in touch with a few local business contacts straightaway. A huge thank you to all the community spirited businesses who have said they will sponsor the bags: The Pavillion Springhead park cafe, Greys of Rothwell, Glamorous Gifts, Peggy Tub launderette, The Co-op Woodlesford, Allens Newsagent, Digs for Dogs Lofthouse, Flower Power, Wendy’s Cakes and Bakes and Rhubarb Triangle Farm Shop.

Samples of dog poo bags for Karen Bruce's I love Rothwell clean-up campaign photo.

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