My vision for a pedestrianised Commercial Street in Rothwell

Karen Bruce on Rothwell Commercial Street

Local people will remember I’ve always been vocal in my support to reduce traffic coming onto Commercial Street. I’d like to know what residents and businesses on Commercial Street think about changing access to traffic and what future improvements they’d like to see. I’ve set up a poll to ask local people what they think the approach should be for the future.

The three options are:  a) Fully pedestrianise Commercial Street b) Open the street fully to traffic c) Keep the street as it is now – semi pedestrianised with buses and other exceptions. If the street was pedestrianised then local businesses would still be permitted to receive deliveries with some restrictions.

I think it’s time to move towards a fully pedestrianised Commercial Street.  I would love to see Rothwell have a farmers’ market. It would allow for more outdoor seating for the food and drink businesses providing them with new opportunities to serve customers. It would make it a more safe and welcoming area. I want to support local traders, and this is one way of doing that.

We also need a no-nonsense approach to anti-social behaviour.  I want to work with local traders, the council and other partners to revitalise the town centre and bring back a regular market which Rothwell traditionally held. If we bring more people into Rothwell on a regular basis with a farmers’ market with craft stalls, then it will boost local shops as people will see what’s on offer every day.

In 2019, I opposed plans to allow Boots to use its shop as a regional delivery hub with vans driving down Commercial Street during the day to make multiple deliveries and collections. The extra vans were supported by the Liberal Democrat councillors which resulted in extra traffic on Commercial Street and complaints from many local people. You can do the survey here:

If you want to receive an email with the results of the survey then please provide your email address. You do not need to provide an email address to do the survey. If you provide an email address to Karen Bruce you are providing consent for her to email you occasionally to keep you updated on local issues relevant to Rothwell, Woodlesford, Oulton and Carlton. It will not be shared to third parties. You can ask to be removed from the email list by filling in the contact form on this website or by clicking unsubscribe in the email you receive.

11 Replies to “My vision for a pedestrianised Commercial Street in Rothwell

  1. A farmers’ market for Rothwell is a brilliant idea – I think the town could benefit from a no waste shop as well where you take your own containers to be filled.

  2. Close to all traffic and definitely have regular market stalls, would be nice to have fruit and veg stalls, craft stalls etc

  3. In an ideal world yes , however , please don’t forget that this is a very well used bus route and not too far for people to walk to with heavy shopping bags etc.

    A market would be nice to see , maybe every couple of weeks .

  4. The old council building would make a great indoor market area with permanent and guest / pop up stalls for small local businesses and a regular market

  5. Think it is time for a new vision on Commercial Street, this could offer new business opportunities.

  6. It would be great to see a farmers market with craft stalls on Commercial Street. It would bring more people to the area which would benefit other local businesses and there are so many local people who sell craft items from their homes, it would give them an outlet.

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