Great news for Woodlesford as failing Northern trains nationalised

It’s brilliant news that the government has finally acted and Arriva, which operates the Northern rail franchise, will hand back control to the government this week. It has been an absolutely horrendous period for rail passengers including those who travel to and from Woodlesford, in the Rothwell ward. A new timetable worsened the ongoing appalling situation with Northern falling well short and providing a terrible service for local people.

Local people deserve better than they have been treated by failing Northern. It’s great news that the service will be taken into public control. Residents in Woodlesford and Oulton and Rothwell who use the train service from Woodlesford station are sick of trains being continually late, missing or packed onto the trains like sardines. It’s long overdue that government has finally listened to local people.

I hope this means that local people can expect a better, affordable and reliable service as they should be able to expect from all services.

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