20 mph zone for Royds Lane and streets in Rothwell St Mary’s primary zone

We are delighted that our ongoing campaign to have local speed limits reduced to 20mph takes another step forward as Royds Lane  and Karen-20mph-Carlton-sign_thumbstreets around the area will be included in the new 20 mph zone.  There will also be a 40mph limit approaching the 20mph built up zone on Royds Lane to slow traffic down before arriving in the 20mph zone on this country road..

We are pleased that this scheme has been proposed including the 40mph buffer zone which we hope will deter motorists from driving at high speeds right up to the new 20mph zone but will encourage a gradual drop on speed to slow motorists down before entering the residential zone.

Improving road safety is what residents keep saying is one of the most important local issues.  It’s great that we have got 20 mph zones in the streets surrounding most local primary schools including Woodlesford, Carlton, Rothwell, Victoria and Haigh Road.  We want Holy Trinity and Oulton to be next, which will take in many of the streets not already covered by the 20 mph zones.

One of our priorities as local Labour councillors is making our roads safer for everyone, especially for children and older people.

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  1. Although I agree with the 20 mph zones, unfortunately there are ignorant drivers who disregard the signs and drive at speeds in excess of the stated speed limit, making the sign worthless and costly.
    Proper speed cameras should be strategically placed near the schools, Wood Lane, Haigh Road etc, this would reduce the speeds of the idiot drivers who do not care about they drive. They would hopefully then lose there licences (no speed awareness course for anyone, there useless) and have their cars crushed and this would help keep the roads save to use and walk over.

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