Action on Wood Lane Parking

Wood Lane parking

After many months of work we are finally seeing action on the terrible parking situation on Wood Lane. Wood Lane is to get double yellow lines to stop parking on both sides of Wood Lane at the same point and at junctions off it. You will soon see notices going up on lamp posts and can respond with your comments to Highways before implementation.

In response to our previous three letters many of you have already given us your views so we have asked council highways officers to include some of your feedback and suggestions. The formal consultation by the council is an opportunity for you and your neighbours to give some final feedback before the new double yellow lines are introduced.

However, as your local councillors we don’t think this is enough so are also pushing for lots of other measures to be taken to improve road safety and the parking situation including:

  • A pedestrian crossing is needed on Wood Lane – a survey is being carried out which we are hopeful will back up our case in trying to secure a crossing within the next 12 months. This will improve safety for everyone, especially school children when crossing the road when catching and getting off school buses.
  • We are liaising with the company that manages Valley Park (new management have just taken this over) and companies on it to get them to provide more on-site parking for employees, to improve their parking policies (such as allowing more staff to use current parking facilities, rather than just senior management), and allowing double parking in on site car parks and parking on the roads that are part of Valley Park.
  • We are lobbying strongly for the new park and ride at Stourton to be part of relieving the pressure on Rothwell. Council officers claim they can’t do this as part of a park and ride scheme, so we have demanded that they find a solution using land immediately next to the park and ride.

We will keep on monitoring and watching what happens to make sure it does lead to real improvements. Please keep use informed as to what you think as we want to give you our full support.

3 Replies to “Action on Wood Lane Parking

  1. This is great news and not before time, unfortunately some of the people who park their cars on Low Shops Lane,etc, when asked about there parking at the junctions, roads and streets making it unsafe some return abusive comments and some with, so what I can park where I like?
    You also need to add residents permit parking only on all estates down Wood Lane to the 20 mph signs (which the majority of roads users ignore). We even have had car transporters down the roads on the Wood/Haighside estate, delivering to Haighside Farm and then being stored on the land,(has the farm owner got a licence for this), this is also unacceptable and need stopping.

  2. My main concern is that are & still will park all the way down Low Shops. It is terrible at present, will this new suggestion only make them venture further onto Low Shops & the rest of the estate I live on. This is a big worry as a resident & its not clear how this is going to be prevented.
    Mrs Nese Tezgoren

  3. Hi Nese, one thing is certain, and that is the current situation with cars parking in the current fashion on Wood Lane cannot continue so something had to be done to prevent them, alongside working on other measures including more parking at Valley Park, pushing for provision next to the park and ride, requesting a crossing for the children catching school buses and more. Yes, we may also have to push for resident only parking if more cars come into side streets and estates. This won’t prevent us from solving this problem step by step. Doing nothing is not an option. Thanks for your comments, Karen

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