Rothwell to get brand new leisure centre built

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Fantastic news for Rothwell, Woodlesford, Oulton, Carlton and surrounding villages as it is announced that Rothwell is to get a new state of the art leisure centre

At the recent meeting of the Executive Board, as part of a wider report on the vision for leisure centres in the city, proposals will see a brand new facility built on land adjacent to the existing site in Rothwell.

Me and my Labour ward colleague Cllr David Nagle have been campaigning for improvement and significant investment to overhaul Rothwell Leisure Centre and have had meetings with the senior officers and the executive board member responsible.

We really welcome the new proposals, which will see a number of integrated services housed alongside gym facilities and full size and small swimming pool,with lido splash pool, along with new gym and sports facilities. Extra facilities not currently offered under the existing leisure centre model will also be included. Pending the outcome of a detailed feasibility study, it is estimated that the new leisure and wellbeing facility would cost in the region of £10-14m, forming part of the Council’s wider ‘invest to grow’ focused commercial strategy.

This is even better than we hoped for as we have been pushing for investment in our leisure centre for a long time. To get a new build is absolutely fantastic news. It’s wonderful to see this significant investment into our local communities despite continuing pressures to our budgets. It shows a continued commitment to giving all residents the opportunity to either remain or become active, and will contribute greatly towards the health and well-being of local people.

Rothwell Leisure centre is one of the most well used sports centres in the city and is well loved in Rothwell and our villages by many people and families, including my own. But the current centre was built in the 1970’s and needs more than a little TLC. We need our leisure centre to be fit for the 21st century and people’s expectations and experiences change. With a brand new modern, high quality leisure and wellbeing centre, I know that the people of Rothwell will greatly welcome access to affordable, top class classes and facilities.

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  1. This would be a fantastic investment for the local community I would like considering a running track to support all the local schools running clubs and in keeping local people fitter for longer their are limited facilitelues locally to run x profit of event holding could also fund it’s upkeep most other areas and schools have this facility available to them

  2. Fab news. I am 51 and used the existing facilities when I was a child. Its about time we had something new. My two young children will be so excited.

  3. Fantastic, but keep the old one open whilst it is being built. table tennis facilities are needed for those no longer able to play racket games

  4. Long overdue. Please provide information to what land adjacent to the current site actually means. I live close by and would be interested to see the site plans.

  5. Brilliant news … about time ! Grest win for Rothwell people as it seems we are always on bottom of the list for refurbishment, Rothwell park could welcome new items that children can play upon…. don’t give up the fight guys. Thank you !

  6. Desperate for a new centre would b fab if it had steam rooms saunas and squash courts . extended opening hrs on a weekend for people who work shifts like myself would be a bonus especially in this day and age and the monthly fee paid to shut at tea time doesn’t meet with society today should be more 24 hr or at least 9-10pm closes.

  7. This is fabulous news. Every morning, the average age of swimmers is 65-70 and they all love chatting in the pool, which is really grimy round the edge. I would like to see table tennis facilities, which we don’t have at present. I often swim down there on my own and with my granddaughters on a Wednesday evening.

  8. Anything would be better than what we have now I’ve not been there for ages as the last time I went for a swim it was filthy in the changing rooms so never been since!

  9. Think I would have preferred the money going on free sport/swim/leasure admission for everyone over the age of 60 given it’s a priority to get everybody fit and healthy to relieve pressure on the NHS and it was government policy at one time.

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