Rothwell Wood Lane double parking action needed now

People throughout Rothwell are up in arms about the double parking at the top of Wood Lane and IMG_9236David and I want to see action on this as soon as possible. We at last were able to get Cllr Richard Lewis, the executive board member responsible for highways and Gary Bartlett, the director of highways both available for a site meeting with us this week. It was good to be able to show them Rothwell is currently having to shoulder such a volume of cars which are double parked along the top part of Wood Lane causing numerous problems, although this wasn’t the busiest day I’ve seen for cars parked there, it was enough to show what the problem is.

IMG_9235We had also invited the business park manager from Valley Park, and so were disappointed when no-one from the business park attended. We are again writing to the business park manager to express our disappointment and re-iterating that the business park needs to be part of the solution to the parking problems.

IMG_9240We believe that the cars parking on Wood Lane are a mix of staff from the business park and people leaving their cars and travelling into Leeds.

At the site meeting I stressed that it is unfair that Rothwell should shoulder this amount of parking, and that the double parking is dangerous.for sight lines and people crossing the road. It is also unsafe when two vehicles try to pass at the same time when there isn’t enough room to do so safely. Often it isn’t possible for two vehicles to pass at the same time and this leads to traffic waiting and queues at busy times.

David and I are pushing for a park and ride site at Stourton which we think would help IMG_9245alleviate some of the parking problems on Wood Lane, this could be one of the long term solutions.

Actions to follow the meeting – highways to draw up a revised scheme which may include further parking restrictions to try to reduce or eliminate the stretch of double parking and markings at junctions. It is important though to try to get the balance right as we don’t want the cars to then try to park on the streets off Wood Lane instead, but David and I feel that without more restrictions  double parking will continue regardless of other measures taken.

IMG_9251Highways are going to try to liaise with the business park as well as David and I again trying to get them to engage on this issue.

There is not going to be one action which can solve the whole problems. We have made it clear at the meeting that we will persist until Rothwell sees some improvement on the situation.

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  1. They have also started parking on low shops too, & if the situation is not dealt with properly& restrctions are imposed on wood lane they will all park on our street (low shops). Its terrible on a morning and busez struggle to get passed the parkec cars. I really dont want anymore cars parking on wood lane or the surrounding streets off wood lane.

  2. It I said disgraceful that the business park will not respond to anyone on this issue. I have written to them personally and they have ignored my emails too. While the lovely, wide, 20mph private roads on the business park are clear of traffic, cars are double parking alongside bus stops, and opposite junctions. It’s appalling.

  3. I think it great that it’s been brought into the attention of the highways , but what about other areas that are experiencing similar problems,( carlton) and other places where school are involved. Do something about it rather than punishing the people that live there.

  4. Hi Debbie, as you know we’ve put a great deal of work into the problems with some parents inconsiderate parking in Carlton and continue to do so. We’ve asked for more police presence and work with the local policing team to make sure all the schools, which all experience these problems, are patrolled and we are pushing for more tickets to be issued.

  5. Hi Charlotte, we will keep pushing for the business park to do something as they have to be a part of the solution.

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