Northern Gas Networks works start today in Rothwell

Just to let people know whilst ploughing through my backlog of emails I came across this one which was only sent yesterday about works starting today, I think that it is unacceptably short notice and have fed that back to Northern Gas Networks. This is just to share the information I’ve been given with local residents which I have done immediately.


Dear Councillors

I hope you are well.  I am writing to you today to make you aware of the proposed gas mains replacement works Northern Gas Networks are due to start in Rothwell, Leeds.  As part of an upgrade to the gas infrastructure in the area we will be investing £75,000 to replace ageing metal gas pipes with new durable plastic pipes to ensure the continued, safe and reliable supply of gas to you for years to come.  The works forms part of a wider gas mains replacement programme which will see more than 3,800km of ageing metal gas mains across the north of England replaced with new durable plastic pipes by 2021.  Works in Rothwell are scheduled to start from Tuesday 6th January 2015  and will last approximately 6 weeks. 

I have attached for your information a plan showing our proposed replacement works.  The red line highlights where we will be working to replace current cast iron mains, with polyethylene pipes, which are much more safer and durable. 

In order to carry out the works safely and efficiently it will be necessary to implement a number of traffic management measures.  The following measures will be put in place during the duration of the works:

· Road closure at the junction of Swithens Street with Marsh Street- Phase 1- 09/01/15- 30/01/15; 3 weeks

· Road closure at the junction of Smithson Street with Marsh Street- Phase 2- 17/01/15- 07/02/15; 3 weeks

· Pelican crossing bagged off and 2 way lights on Marsh Street- Phase 3- 17/01/15- 07/02/15; 3 weeks

· Road closure at the junction of Royds Lane with Marsh Street- Phase 4- 25/01/15- 15/02/15; 3 weeks

The works will commence outside the junction of Butcher Street and progress down Marsh Street to the junction of Royds Lane.  Signed diversions will be in place throughout the duration and phases of works.  Please let me know if you would like to receive detailed traffic management drawings for each phase of works as I would be happy to send these onto you.    

Throughout the duration of the gas works pedestrian access will be maintained at all times and businesses in the area will remain open as usual.  We have planned our work closely with the Highways Department at Leeds City Council, to minimise disruption to members of the public. 

Please be assured in advance of the works starting, our team of Customer Care Officers have door knocked all of the residents and businesses affected to advise and give sufficient notice about our works and to answer any concerns.  We have also liaised with the local bus company to ensure they are aware of the works and have arranged alternative routes which will be well advertised.  A customer care officer will be on site during the works to speak to members of the public to answer any questions or concerns. 

We do appreciate the inconvenience our  works can cause and we would like to apologise and thank you for your patience and understanding.  In the meantime I do hope you have found this information helpful.  But if you have any concerns or wish to discuss the works further please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Kind regards,


Regional Stakeholder Officer

Northern Gas Networks



Map of proposed works

Northern Gas Networks Map

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