Come on Stewart let’s battle to save Windmill together

Cllr David Nagle and Cllr Karen Bruce with young people and committee members at Windmill Youth ClubOur campaign to save Windmill is gaining pace and it’s great that hundreds of people have already signed the petition. People have responded brilliantly to both the online petition and also the paper petition which David Nagle and I ran on our stall at the Christmas Fair in Rothwell. Thanks to everyone who has shared with us their fond memories of Windmill from many generations in Rothwell, including on the Rothwell News Facebook page.


We managed to get coverage on the first page of this month’s Rothwell Record, which was excellent for the campaign, but unfortunately slightly spoiled by negative comment from Rothwell’s Liberal Democrat councillor Stewart Golton using it to make cheap political shots. I’m saddened as saving Windmill is too important to make into a political game. The fantastic young people I’ve met at Windmill have shown more maturity than Cllr Golton has on this issue.


As leader of the Liberal Democrat group and a member of the council’s executive board Cllr Golton should have a better understanding of the issue than he shows by his comments.


It is true what Stewart says about my party running the council, but I am prepared to stand up for my community nonetheless. That’s what I’m here for – to represent local people. However, it is untrue that the council officer who wrote the community centres report about Windmill reports to me as chair of the Outer South community committee. He actually covers the whole of outer east Leeds and inner south Leeds, not just our area, and therefore doesn’t report to me as I only chair a part of it. He also wrote the report for his former role when he reported to the deputy chief executive of the council. This is an example of council saving money by combing roles. The report is a central review that has identified 10 community centres across Leeds of which Windmill Youth Club is one.


I also think it is extremely unethical of Stewart to bring hard working politically neutral council officers into petty political games.


Now that I’ve cleared that up, I want to appeal to Stewart to work with me and David in the interest of those young people in Rothwell who desperately need our help to keep their youth club (or youthy, as it’s known). Please put aside political differences so that we as a community can work together to save Windmill for the young people I’ve pledged to try to help and for future generations so that our children can also enjoy Windmill as much as past generations did. Come on Stewart!

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