Rothwell skatepark campaign cruising ahead

Just back from meeting the ‘New Skatepark for Rothwell’ crew as we had a photographer down from the Yorkshire Evening Post. He took some great photos of everyone in front of the concrete ramp. What his photo doesn’t show is the rest of the skatepark – or rather none skatepark. Here’s a quick Instagram video of me and the photographer.

With @LeedsNews photographer meeting young people campaigning for new #Rothwell #skatepark

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And this is what the rest of the skatepark is like! Rothwell deserves better.

Rothwell skatepark

2 Replies to “Rothwell skatepark campaign cruising ahead

  1. The skatepark is the last thing in need of either a revamp or relocation within Rothwell park. My 2 younger kids love the kids areas and looking at the birds and stream etc. Theres even a cafe there now to get a brew! It would be great if my two older kids also had somewhere safe to play within the park! I myself skate but unfortunately hav’nt been able to take my eager to learn kids there due to the current floor condition and lack of facilities! What’s there now may look great but who wants to learn to skateboard on one 5ft concrete ramp? It’s not realistic! Skateboarding is learnt through progression not jumping on a massive ramp and hoping for the best! People overlook the fact that the people who skate there have learnt their skills elsewhere in a progressive manner, and can only skate what Rothwell is offering because of this! I really hope this comes through and it’s great to see the presence and support of Karen, her family and the evening post. Good look guys, I’m rooting for this one.

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