Latest HS2 announcement shows government contempt for Rothwell, Woodlesford and Oulton


I thought that nothing could surprise me with how this Conservative and Lib Dem government are handling the HS2 project, but once again I’m left aghast at the government’s contempt for local people who are blighted by its plans to plough it’s HS2 rail link through Woodlesford building huge viaducts next to some of the locals’ homes


On Tuesday, October 22 councillors received an email warning them about difficulty in accessing Leeds Civic Hall on Monday, October 27 because: “Civic Hall is hosting a press event on Monday 27th October for the proposed HS2 project. “


I’m sure you can imagine my anger at not being informed of this event as an elected member of councillor representing Woodlesford which is on the government’s proposed HS2 route.


I’m furious that once again the government is treating the people of Woodlesford, Rothwell and Oulton with contempt. I had to discover from an email sent by accident that the government is making a major announcement about HS2 on Monday in Leeds Civic Hall. The proposed HS2 line threatens to devastate Woodlesford and is already making people’s lives a misery. It’s disgusting that the government minister in charge of HS2, Baroness Kramer (Liberal Democrat), didn’t tell local councillors that the results of the consultation will be announced by senior government ministers on Monday. The government is once again treating local people as an irrelevant inconvenience who get in the way of their grand designs.


When the HS2 route was first announced the government treated local people with contempt and couldn’t even be bothered to tell local councillors what was happening leaving us and local people to find out through the media. Once again they’re riding rough shod over locals.


My ward colleague Cllr David Nagle is just as angry and told the Yorkshire Evening Post and Rothwell Record that: “The whole consultation process has been a disgrace and shows how little this government thinks of the views of local people and this latest insult shows just how incompetent the government is.”

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  1. With reference to your treatment from HS2 all I can say is welcome to our world! We have been through the consultation process as part of phase one HS2 as members of the Parish Council and local action groups. If you think it is bad now wait until you enter the community forum stage. HS2 might have learnt from the debacle that the first phase turned into but I doubt it. The frustration and stress caused to all members from the community that contributed to the process was tantamount to criminal with lies and distortions all contrived to keep people in the dark whilst appearing to be complicit. It had all the appearance of a box ticking exercise. I wish you well in your dealings with the system but do issue a few words of warning. Beware of false promises, true information will be very difficult to obtain, they will always find reasons why they can’t issue the information requested or ignore the request completely.

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