Do you think we need a new skatepark in Rothwell?

Cllrs Karen Bruce and David Nagle at Rothwell skateparkI’m backing a campaign for a new skatepark in Rothwell. I found out about the campaign when I joined its ‘New Skatepark for Rothwell’ Facebook group. I’ve asked to meet the group to talk about how I can help back its ideas and deliver a new skatepark.

The young people have also started a petition to win support from the local community for the new skatepark which will provide a safe place to meet and hang out with their friends to socialise. They recognise that one benefit of this will be to move their social activity away from the old Morrisons’ car park where they currently meet up and skate because it is a large quiet area and is fully lit in the evenings. This concerns some residents who are worried about anti-social behaviour in an area that wasn’t designed for skating or young people.

They say that Rothwell Park isn’t good enough as the ramps are old and dangerously unsafe for skateboarding. In wet weather the ramps are slippy, they have deteriorated, many are broken and the park is not lit.

The young people have started a voluntary organisation called the 8010 project to campaign for a new skatepark and then help design, develop and build a new low maintenance concrete skatepark in Rothwell. The Facebook page was started to open a skatepark in memory of Daniel Parrinder, a talented and inspirational skater who tragically lost his life in a recent fatal car crash.

I think it’s great when local people, especially our local young people, feel strongly about an issue and decide they’re going to help to change things by starting a campaign and setting up a petition. Our young people really care about the area in which they live and whilst we have some great facilities for young people in Rothwell like Windmill Youth Club and Springhead Park, there are improvements needed and the group is right to highlight that we badly need improvements to the skatepark in Rothwell. Times are tough with cuts to council funds from government, so there isn’t as much money around as there used to be, but there will be some money coming available from the section 106 building funds for the community from the Royds Lane development, and one option for some of the funds would be to put it towards a skateboard project, I’m interested to hear what people think. There is about £95,000 in total, with a third available very soon when building starts, a third half way through the building and another third at the end.

I’ll be listening and reacting to feedback on the Facebook group but I also want to hear from you so please leave your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. A great idea! If kids are politically active (which is what this is) it can only lead to better things. I am fully behind this project.

  2. Thank you for your support Karen! Im involved in this and working for a local business over the years anti social behaviour has been an increased problem for us when we ask the kids why they dont go somewhere else they always say they have no where suitable to go. They need an outlet for their energy before they become involved in more serious anti social behaviour that could seriously impact on their entire future.

  3. I used to skate at Rothwell’s current park when I was younger and it was terrible. It can only have gotten worse. A new park would be brilliant for the whole area

  4. I know both the lads and personally skate the old one was better than the current one. It’s has needed re doing since then. To then dedicate it too a local skater and very good loved lad makes the idea even better. Thank you karen for the support

  5. Wonderful to hear such positive support for this project. It’s absolutely what we need in Rothwell.

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