Rothwell street lights-the truth



Cllr Stewart Golton Lib Dem blogHere is an important statement I’ve just sent to the Yorkshire Evening Post in response to a very dangerous blog post from Rothwell Liberal Democrat Councillor Stewart Golton:


Local Liberal Democrats have been scaring and misleading vulnerable local people by falsely claiming that there will be a black out on streets.

Quote from Cllr Karen Bruce, Rothwell Labour councillor:

“I’m very concerned that Cllr Stewart Golton’s irresponsible and misleading comments are scaring vulnerable people who as local councillors we have a duty of care towards. With just one in 10 lights being turned off in the middle of the night there will be no black out as there are no streets where all of the lights will be turned off!”

“Leeds has taken a very cautious approach and is only turning off a tiny number of street lights after midnight, in contrast to many councils some of which are turning 70% of lights off compared to our 10%. There are 2,805 street lights in Rothwell ward and just 287 lights will be switched off after midnight, not the 8,000 claimed by Cllr Golton yesterday on his blog.”

“Cllr Golton forgets to mention the environmental benefits as it will reduce the council’s carbon emissions from street lights by almost 5% which is something I welcome. He also forgets to mention that his government has cut the council’s budget so turning off a few lights helps us save money that can be invested in maintaining the roads, keeping leisure centres and libraries open and providing vital social care to help older people live in their own homes. Cllr Golton is one of a small minority who want to waste money and damage the environment as public consultation has found that 75% of people agree with switching some lights off to help the environment and save money.”

If you want to see the truth about which lights will be turned off I uploaded all of the maps to document sharing site Scribd at the start of last month. There are maps for all of Rothwell, Calton, Woodelsford and Oulton so take a look at what is happening on your street. I don’t know why Stewart has to use political spin instead of simply sharing the actual maps and letting people make their own minds up. You decide.

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