Rothwell street lights: the facts

Rothwell street lightsYou may have heard from Cllr Stewart Golton, the Rothwell Liberal Democrat councillor about a ‘blackout’ that will happen in Rothwell. It is only right to set the record straight, sadly Cllr Golton has been irresponsibly scaring residents by telling them there’s going to be a ‘blackout’ in Rothwell, this is simply not the case.

Your Labour-led council is taking tough decisions to protect front-line services in the face of huge funding cuts from Cllr Golton’s own coalition government. Switching a small number of lights off saves money and is better for the environment. We’ve led the way in Rothwell with food recycling as we like to do our bit for the environment. When we all go to bed most of us switch off at least some of our lights, we need to do the same as a community. Our own daughter comes home from school and tells us what we can do to save the environment for her future, lets listen to our children as the future is theirs!

Facts on street lighting in Rothwell, Woodlesford, Oulton and Carlton:

Only one in 10 of lights in the Rothwell area will be switched off

  • Lights will only go out in areas where it is safe
  • Lights will only be out between midnight and 5.30am
  • Consultation found 75% of the public agree with the switch off
  • There has been no rise in crime in other areas adopting the policy

This is a map showing the small number of street lights that could be turned off from midnight to 5:30am.  If you zoom into the maps, by clicking the links below, you’ll see that it’s only some lights in some streets that could be switched off not whole streets. If any residents have any concerns you can contact me or my ward colleague Cllr David Nagle, the plans haven’t been finalised so there is a chance to address any issues anyone may have.

Rothwell Street Lights Part Night Switching Map Woodlesford and Oulton 1 by karenbrucelab

Rothwell Street Lights Part Night Switching Map North Rothwell and Oulton by karenbrucelab

Rothwell Street Lights Part Night Switching Map North East Rothwell by karenbrucelab

Rothwell Street Lights Part Night Switching Map South East Rothwell and Carlton by karenbrucelab

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