Two wind turbines planned on farms near Carlton and Rothwell

Swithens Farm, Rothwell wind turbines artists impressionThere are two separate wind turbine applications which are currently under consultation in the Rothwell and Carlton area. A turbine (maximum height 45.7m) has been proposed for land at Swithens Farm (ref 14/00220/FU). The other application is for a turbine (maximum height 45m) nearby at Green End Farm (ref14/01481/FU). There is a distance of 200m between the two proposed structures.

I support the local community and the Carlton and Rothwell neighbourhood planning forums and on hearing of these applications asked for proper consultation with the community and ensure the appropriate assessments were completed to evaluate the possible visual and noise impact of the turbines. These are both very large structures that could be intrusive for those living nearby and we believe the proposed scale wouldn’t fit in with the surrounding landscape.

Planning officers have now informed the applicants that they consider both turbines, as proposed, to be out of scale with surrounding landscape features. The applicants have been given the opportunity to respond and further information has been requested from them. Both applicants have also been requested to consider cumulative effects. No further information has, as yet, been received by planning officers. We are hopeful that there will not be turbines on this scale installed at these locations, as many residents have expressed concerns over the possible impact they will have on the community. I will update when further information becomes available.

You can see more information on these applications on the council’s planning website

Swithens Farm wind turbines map

Swithens Farm, Rothwell wind turbines artists impression

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