Carlton 20 mph and safer parking

Carlton 20 mph and safer parking

I’ve held several meetings at the school with Leeds City Council Highways department, police, governors, school, parents, residents and the road safety crossing after concerns were raised and this proposal has come as a result of those meetings and the many concerns expressed. Everyone involved has put a lot of thought into contributing to the discussions. Residents will be aware that there was a near miss some time ago involving a child at the school and this is what kick started the meetings and subsequent actions. It is a minority of parents who park and drive inconsiderately which affects everyone. The safety of the children and residents is the most important consideration and therefore action needs to be taken to resolve the parking problems. Being part of the local community l I see first hand the problems on a daily basis and I hope that these measures will help to reduce the problems each morning and afternoon at drop off and pick up times.


The scheme includes double yellow lines on several junctions near the school where dangerous parking has been occurring and I’m hoping this will contribute to keeping our children safe.


We welcome the reduction in the speed limit to 20 mph on many of Carlton’s streets as if a child or anyone else is hit by a car at 20mph the chance of survival if hit by a vehicle is far greater than if someone is hit at 30mph. I spoke at full council a while ago calling for 20 mph zones and am delighted that the Rothwell ward is getting some of these zones imminently.


We are working with the police and I have asked for regular monitoring and checks to be carried out to try to ensure safer parking around the school at these times.

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  1. The only way you will stop it is by giving out fines as its the same people all the time! The police and wardens just stand there. People arn.t going to park illegal when they are there but will when they have gone

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