Rothwell Springhead Park cafe now open

Karen Bruce and David Nagle at Rothwell Springhead Park cafeI’m delighted to say that after what seems like a long wait, whilst the right tenant was found and major refurbishments undertaken, the cafe in Rothwell’s Springhead Park is now open as of today. It was great to drop in to the cafe yesterday evening on the eve of its opening today as the final preparations were underway to meet the new tenants, with my ward colleague Cllr David Nagle. The cafe has seen quite a transformation with modern fittings and decor that will be great for park users and is looking fabulous. Local people have missed having a toilet in the park the most so this will be very welcome.

I’m sure that the newly refurbished cafe will be an asset for the community and will be enjoyed by many local residents this summer as they use the many facilities within our well used park.

3 Replies to “Rothwell Springhead Park cafe now open

  1. Looking forward to seeing it. Though the refurbishment hasn’t seemed to take very long. Let’s hope its not another missed opportunity along with commercial street (more betting shops and a downmarket subway thank goodness for Hemingways and Brew). The park is so beautiful and a great cafe could make it into a real destination (think Roundhay Park, Shibden Hall).

  2. My eldest (of 4) child is 17yrs and since I first took him to the park I thought, what a potential! Was such a shame. My youngest is 2yrs and so now I’m dying to get there and enjoy !

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