Aldi sets its sights on Rothwell

Me and my ward colleague Cllr David Nagle have been approached as Rothwell ward councillors by Claire Temple of Planning Potential Ltd to have a meeting with her and her client, the supermarket Aldi, ahead of a public consultation event they are holding on 10 June.

I  had a chat with Ashleigh Signs about the possibility of their expansion in Rothwell some months ago.

We are meeting with Aldi and Planning Potential Ltd next Friday 6th June to hear what they have to say about their plans and we’re interested in hearing what you think about Aldi’s plans in Rothwell.

In her email Claire says:

The site we’re looking at is the Ashleigh Signs site, my client is Aldi; I know there are various rumours flying around so we look to be getting our newsletter out inviting people to the consultation early next week.  I have attached a copy of the newsletter that will be posted to 1500 addresses with a freepost feedback card.I look forward to meeting you on Friday 6th.



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  1. I hope Aldi get the planning required and Morrisons don’t block it.Time that they had competition in the area .

  2. Dear Karen Bruce, I am totally against this supermarket Aldi in Rothwell and I will be apposing against this in my leaflet and in the meeting on the 10th June. Rothwell is only a small village and we do not need anymore traffic congestion, noise, or pollution. I live opposite Ashleigh Signs and I have seen traffic double over the last few years outside my house. HGV Morrison’s waggons trying to turn down butcher lane which are way too big to get round the corner and which has resulted in 2 traffic light signals been knocked down last year. If I needed to go to an Aldi store I can catch the number 9 bus from Rothwell to Middleton were they have just opened a new store 5min away. I would suggest you come and stand on Carlton lane/butcher lane with the Aldi and Planning Potential Ltd on Friday 6th June and see for yourselves what I mean,

    kind regards

  3. Hi Paul some of the concerns you’ve expressed are similar to the ones I was already planning to talk about with Aldi. I’m particularly concerned to hear about the traffic lights being knocked over as this has never been reported to me. I will contact the Highways department to find out more about it. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  4. Thank you for your post and concerns regarding Aldi, Karen. The traffic lights were damaged in March 2013 by Morrison’s HGV, here is the email I received atfer reporting this.

    Thank you

    Thank you for reporting this traffic signal fault, we are attending site today our intention is to move the pole to the rear of the footway if possible to prevent HGV’s hitting the pole.


    Gordon Burns

    Urban Traffic Management and Control

    Leeds City Council

    Ring Road Middleton

    LS10 4AX

  5. I think it would be fantastic for Morrisons to have competition in our local area.

    Morrisons have become far too complacent with standards and service slipping.

    This development will offer all local residents a choice which surely has to be a good thing.

  6. I am all in favour of competition in and around Rothwell but don’t we already have that? Asda, Aldi and B&M at Middleton, Lidl at Oulton, Tesco express on Leeds road all within a 2 mile radius in-fact if Aldi do get to build this store in Rothwell then they would have 3 stores in a 2 half mile radius so where is the competition here then? or maybe we should just put all of these stores in one place preferably on council land in the middle of Rothwell park opposite Oulton Hall now that would be good for competition and everyone! but oh know we cant do that can we councillors? We don’t need this store, traffic is horrendous here in Rothwell and especially on Carlton lane its an absolute nightmare to get in and out of at peak time and its getting worse and far too dangerous. We as residents on Carlton don’t need anymore traffic or disruption!

  7. Ok if you have a car,not so good if you haven’t.With one bus an hour to lidl , asda and Aldi!The reason that Aldi has become so popular is that the are alot cheaper than the others and anyone who can do a full shop at Tesco express has seriously too much money.

  8. It is important if this goes ahead to get it right with traffic issues, Ashleigh Signs want to sell so it can expand and something will replace it. The point made about not everyone having a car is a good one as many people are struggling to make ends meet which is why we’re looking to set up a food bank in Rothwell and having an Aldi nearby would I’m sure help many of those people in need.

  9. Point taken Bill regarding Tesco express. There are lots of people I know in Rothwell who still drive to our local Morrison’s to shop and that’s on a sunny day!. Public transport as always been a key factor for people to travel further afield to get cheaper products but increasing bus fares stops many people from doing this now, many OAP still travel from Rothwell to Castleford and to the to Leeds market to do their shopping. I have nothing against Aldi and I am sure most people will welcome it to Rothwell but as I live opposite Ashleigh Signs I would hope most people would appreciate my concerns, the noise from the traffic outside is deafening and that’s with my windows shut so to have an Aldi store and car park opposite me with car doors and boots slamming shut from 7am into late evening would increase this further, I also have to put up with Morrison’s HGV waggons turning down butcher lane at 5am which shakes my flat. if this Aldi development does go’s through then so be it, I myself would prefer an housing development to come in and buy it and build some affordable housing which is so much more important than an Aldi store. I would also like to see Rothwell council take that big stick away from Morrison’s and lets see a pound shop and an Iceland on commercial street. I also welcome the food bank for struggling family’s. it is beyond belief that people in 21st century Britain are going hungry, the sooner we get this ConDem Government out the better..

  10. Personally, I think Aldi would be a brilliant idea for Rothwell and district, It seems Morrisons have had the monopoly in Rothwell for far too long, I can’t see much more of an influx of traffic on Carlton Lane/Marsh Street, as a lot of its customers I should imagine would have to travel up/down Carlton Lane anyway to gain access to Butcher Lane/Morrisons carpark. I am more concerned about the roadside parking issues at the top of Leadwell Lane (Near the halfway house, one day there is going to be a serious accident up there.

  11. It would be great to have Aldi in Rothwell, Morrisons certainly needs some competition and I have nothing but praise for the Aldi company who sell good quality items at a very competitive price. I travel out of Rothwell each week to shop at either Aldi or Lidl as I feel these stores provide much better value than Morrisons.
    This store would be in a very good situation for those of us who have to use the local bus service. Travelling out of Rothwell to visit our nearest Aldi causes a few problems where public transport is concerned.
    Everyone I have discussed this enterprise with is totally in favour!

  12. Maureen, Would you have the same views if this was on your door step? I guess not. I have just returned from the consultation meeting and handed in my letter of concerns.

    Ref: Aldi Development/Ashleigh Signs.

    Dear Aldi .

    I am totally against the proposed Aldi development on the Ashleigh Signs site. My reasons for this are as follows:


    • I live directly opposite Ashleigh Signs I have lived here for over 15 years and in that time I have seen a massive increase in traffic flow past my front door (at least 50% more in the last 5years) and the noise from the traffic is now unbearable. To alleviate this problem I had new windows fitted a couple of years ago but this has barely had any effect on the noise at all especially since the development of the new Morrison’s store. I now have to endure the constant stream of Morrison’s HGV vehicles arriving and departing in the early hours, passing by my flat which causes the windows to shake and wake me up. I have to keep my windows closed most of the time, even in the summer months because I can’t hear my TV. My windows and door also have to be cleaned twice a month because of the dirt and pollution they collect from the traffic.


    • After looking at the design and layout on the Aldi leaflet it shows the car parking at the front and side, this would also contribute to an increase in noise levels with the constant slamming of car doors and car boots from 7am to late evening.
    • During the construction of the new site there is no doubt that there will be additional noise from the various companies employed to build the superstore which will make it even more difficult to sleep.


    • Over the last few years I and other residents on Carlton lane have suffered a great deal of disruption due to road works and traffic light signal alterations and we don’t need any more disruption.
    • If this development is given the green light to proceed this will cause enormous disruption for those travelling to and from school (in particular to Rothwell Primary school which is 200 yards up the road), to work (as the road provides access to Leeds / motorways) and also our Emergency services as we have a fire station 100 yards away.


    • It is quite obvious that if you increase the traffic volumes then the risk of serious accident or injury to drivers / pedestrians will rise and I have seen cars and vans, on average 3 to 4 times a day, making illegal left turns from Butcher lane onto Carlton lane. Even though the sign on the traffic light opposite clearly states No left Turn, there has been a few near misses with pedestrians including myself when crossing here with the green man clear visible. More traffic at this junction would result in more danger to the public.

    • Over the years Carlton lane has become too congested with traffic and has now become a very dangerous road to the public and our local schools. If we have any more traffic added to this road which we will if the Aldi store development goes ahead then I fear someone will be knocked down or even killed.

    After speaking to some local residents over the last couple of days they share the same views as I have put to you and they have made it quite clear to me that they don’t want this development on their door step.
    I hope you understand our concerns and frustrations and I look forward to discussing any of the above issues with you.

    Mr Paul Dawson

  13. As I previously posted, having an Aldi in the centre of Rothwell would be beneficial to all local residents as it would create more competition for Morrisons which can only be a positive thing.

    It would also be advantageous for other local businesses within the area due to the increased footfall an Aldi in the centre of Rothwell would bring.


  14. Hi Paul totally understand your feelings.Ass you say it is unbearable to live on carlton lane due to Harvey traffic and pollution now!Aldi has not been built yet!Unfortunately if you live on a main road you will get traffic. noise!

  15. In response to your comment Paul Dawson, I contacted LCC Highways and received this response today:

    Hi Karen,

    Thank you for your email. The Transport Development Control Team will consider large vehicle deliveries to the possible Aldi Rothwell store once a planning application comes in.

    I have spoken to LCC Urban Traffic Control Team and they have had instances in the past of large vehicles from Morrisons knocking down the existing traffic signals at this junction and have moved the signals in the past to combat this issue. I have asked UTC to investigate the situation and consider whether further mitigation is required/possible. I have copied in Richard Tallant from UTC should you like to take this matter further.


    Richard Webster
    Transport Development Services
    Leeds City Council

  16. Hi is this a morrisons or Aldi issue?I am sure that hgv into the proposed Aldi site will not be any more than those already going into Ashleigh signs!Also Morrisons 40 ft trailers turning into Butcher lane is a no no!Obviously a sat nav thing.Slap a 7.5 ton weight limit on the road from the telephone exchange to the junction with Carlton Lane Sorry Paul but new houses on Royds lane things are going to get busy on Carlton Lane!

  17. Hi Karen

    Thank you for contacting LCC Urban Traffic Control regarding the HGV wagons. I contacted UTC twice last year in March after the traffic signal had been knocked down with concerns about Morrison’s HGV’s entering onto pavements and over pedestrian crossings on butcher lane when trying to turning the corner, I explained that this was very dangerous to members of the public and especial children from our near by schools who cross here. They responded by saying. We are aware of the problems with Morrison’s HGV’s and we are trying to have them diverted away from entering butcher lane, I asked them to keep me up to date with the situation but they never did and this went on deaf ears! This problem is still happening today and it makes me cringe when I see parents with there children step back.. I will contact Richard this week regarding this. Thank you once again.

    My apologies to all for diverting away from the Aldi proposed development. Karen Bruce kindly investigated the above concern I brought up in an earlier post.


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