Rothwell Labour’s local election candidate 2014

Just in case you missed the statement from Angela Kellett, our local candidate for this year’s local elections in Rothwell, here it is as it appeared in this month’s Rothwell Record:

Angela Kellett, Rothwell Labour Party candidate

Angela Kellett is the choice of local Labour Party members to stand in the local elections on Thursday, May 22. Angela has lived in the Rothwell area all of her life and many of you will already know her as she’s a very active volunteer in the community. She is deputy chair of Rothwell Tenants and Residents Association, a trustee of local community transport charity FDM, a member of Rothwell Carnival and Entertainments Committee, Rothwell 600 and the new Rothwell Neighbourhood Planning Forum. She was also a leading member of the Labour-led community campaigns to save Rothwell fire station and Dolphin Manor elderly care home.

Angela says:

“Rothwell, Oulton and Woodlesford.  These communities have shaped my childhood and adulthood for the whole of my life.

The eldest of two daughters, we were brought up with loving, hard working parents with strong ommunity values. My dad was a miner for all his life so our childhood home was on the Coal Board estate or “Cardboard City” as it was affectionately known. We were fairly isolated up there with no shops so we relied on mobile vans for groceries etc.  No play facilities meant we climbed trees, slid down grassy hillsides on pieces of cardboard and played in the “beck” catching frogs, toads and newts and other water-borne ailments!

Coal didn’t come in bags either in the early days before smokeless fuel, so every month there would be a ton of coal to shovel into a wheelbarrow and push up the garden path into the coal bunker. Hard work, but we were strong kids.

Fast forward a few years to when I started my working life at 15 years-old as a clerical worker for an educational supplier in Hunslet and other jobs in between up to me getting married to a local “Woody” boy and moving to Woodlesford and raising our two daughters there.

I began working in education in the local primary school (Oulton Primary) for 13 years and am now employed as a teaching assistant at Royds Language College and in my fourteenth year to date.

Moving on and moving “over the border” to Rothwell 14 years ago, I became involved with Rothwell Tenants and Residents Association. This made me aware of the many issues people face on a day-to-day basis, from housing and anti-social behaviour to highways and cleansing etc. The list is quite exhaustive, but these issues need to be addressed. The TARA highlighted the procedures that needed to be followed to help residents overcome their problems. I am now deputy chair and assist the chair to liaise with relevant departments and the local Neighbourhood Policing Team and try to point them in the right direction.

I have also been involved in assisting local councillors in developing local policies by publicising drop in sessions for public consultations which resulted in successful initiatives such as the youth shelter and a planned children’s playground on the Wood Lane estate, which had no facilities for the young people. I am now campaigning hard to get the bus re-instated in the Styebank Lane area of Rothwell and supporting our Labour councillors.

Also I have been involved in campaigning to save Rothwell Fire Station and Dolphin Manor elderly care home from closure by collecting hundreds of signatures.

I helped organise the Rothwell 600 committee which was an important huge one off event for the community to commemorate 600 years of Rothwell.

I am also a trustee of a local charity FDM who provide the disabled and immobile people in the community with transport to go on shopping trips or days out.

I am a founder member and steering group committee member for Rothwell Neighbourhood Planning Forum, helping to shape the community in the future, I am finding this very interesting and challenging.

I feel that with my local knowledge of the surrounding areas of Rothwell, Oulton and Woodlesford and issues that involve all age groups throughout the communities, I am in a useful and strong position to represent and serve my community.”

If you’ve got any questions for Angela, David or me then please get in touch or ask in the comments here.

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