Working for new children’s playground

Rothwell Labour councillors Karen Bruce and David Nagle with campaigner Angela Kellett
Rothwell Labour councillors Karen Bruce and David Nagle with Rothwell Labour campaigner Angela Kellett at the Wood Lane recreation ground

I’m keen to see that a new playground for young children will be built on the Wood Lane estate on the recreation ground on Manor Crescent. I have pushed for the playground to be built along with ward colleague David Nagle and Rothwell Labour Party campaigner Angela Kellett. I have worked with parks to look at what pots of money can be put into the project. Funding has now been confirmed from the Housing Leeds area panel of £9,000 and a bid has been put in to Caird Peckfield community fund, with a decision due in May.

As chair of the local Outer South Area committee I am hopeful that some funding will be granted from the area committee towards the playground, which Councillor David Nagle also sits on.

I’m confident that funding can be brought together to provide a small playground for the children which I believe is badly needed on such a large estate with so many families. When I was elected I saw the neglect on this estate through many years of Rothwell being represented by Lib Dem councillors, there were no facilities whatsoever, so we are trying to put that right with very limited funds available at the moment.

We are working with youth services, parks and Rothwell Tenants and Residents Association and after consultation with local residents, put a youth shelter into the estate for the young people. During consultation on the youth shelter another need was identified by parents of young children who need a playground on the large Rothwell estate.

There had been little on this estate and we wanted to help with the youth shelter project and now, as a next step, a badly needed playground for families on the Wood Lane estate.

Angela Kellett, Rothwell Labour Party campaigner, has worked with me through her role as vice chair of the Rothwell Tenants and Residents Association, and has been involved in the projects from the start and is also very keen to progress improvements on the estate.

These are tough times for young people and we need more investment in them, they are a priority for the local Labour team as they are our future.

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