Drains fixed at Rosewood Court/First Avenue

A local resident of Rosewood Court recently told me about the frequent flooding at the junction of Rosewood Court with First Avenue next to John O’ Gaunts in Rothwell. I got straight onto Highways officers to inspect the area and ascertain what action needed to be taken. The inspection established that the footway and channel have sunk and therefore the water is standing in the channels and not getting to the gully.  This causes the water to pool and there is concern that it may lead to icy conditions during the winter months.

Highways officers therefore identified works to install a new gulley that will allow water to drain into the existing gulley. It was concerning to residents that the junction was flooding causing a nuisance and could even be dangerous especially in icy conditions. I stressed the urgency of the situation and was told that this action would be added to the maintenance programme and I along with ward colleague David Nagle, wrote to residents.

I’m delighted to say that the work has already been carried out very quickly and I’ve again been contacted by residents telling me how delighted they are the work was done so quickly and so well.

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