Rothwell road campaigners positive meeting with Leeds City Council

Cllr Karen Bruce with members of Leeds and Wakefield Road Residents Action groupLast week I set up a  positive meeting with Leeds and Wakefield Road Residents Action Group, Howard Claxton of Leeds City Council highways department and Cllr Richard Lewis, the executive board member whose portfolio includes highways, my ward colleague Cllr David Nagle and me.

We discussed the results of recent speeding surveys from points identified by the group along the road (results from Leeds Hill, which was requested later, are not yet available). The main area of concern along the road was the area around Dewans/John O Gaunts where the average speed appeared to be 50mph.

There was a discussion regarding signage along the route. It was agreed that the 40mph signs at the Dewans end were not visible enough  and some are obscured by trees etc. Howard Claxton agreed that highways officers will do a review of signage all along the road.

LWRRAG There was a discussion about the problem of cars coming off the motorway and staying at a high speed on the stretch before the housing at John O’ Gaunts. It was agreed that increasing the speed limit in order to reduce it later was not a good idea and this was rejected. I suggested instead to remind people that they are approaching housing that another flashing dynamic warning sign might help, similar to the one already in place on Leeds Hill.

Surveys will also now be done at possible crossing places to look at the viability of zebra crossings at three places as a starting point – Leeds Hill, Royds School and Dewans/John O’ Gaunts.

We discussed the problems of HGVs using the road instead of the motorway and the possibility of a ban . The highways officer suggested the possibility of a partial ban across a stretch of the road, which would have a similar effect.

We also looked at the potholes in the road and pavements: Highways officers are to look at these and do whatever repairs are needed.

A discussion followed about speeding drivers and that those who are caught, in general, are often residents from within one mile away. LAWRAG said it would do some publicity to encourage local residents to keep to speed limits.

Cllr David Nagle and me will speak with Inspector Yvette Hammill at our regular meeting about these results and ask for information around speeding motorists and how many are in fact local or not and also to thank the police for their presence and encourage them to do more speeding checks.

Thanks to all the sensible drivers who the monitoring showed don’t go over the speed limits, we all lead busy lives and it’s really easy to forget to keep an eye on your exact speed. The facts speak for themselves though:

Pedestrian Injuries at Impact Speeds

Many thanks to all for a positive meeting lets hope it kick starts some  action for the campaign.

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