The politician’s husband and daughter

Karen has very kindly allowed me to do a guest post on her blog about the glamorous life of a politician’s husband (and daughter).

On Thursday Karen was out braving the scorching hot temperatures driving around Wetherby and Harewood wards meeting and talking to local Labour Party members. Meanwhile back at home it was Esme’s and my job to prepare more than 300 mailshots with a copy of Karen’s latest newsletter for members. That meant printing labels, folding newsletters, stuffing them into envelopes, sticking on address labels and finally sticking the stamps. A glamorous life indeed, although she is treating me to a night out at the Lord Mayor’s charity ‘beach party’ later this month.

Esme was fantastic and stuck on most of the stamps, although her stacking the finished envelopes into piles perhaps didn’t perhaps go quite to plan.

Esme sticking stamps on Karen Bruce's Elmet and Rothwell mailing to members

A less than neat pile of envelopes to go to Elmet and Rothwell members






Esme’s quote of the day was:

“This is fun! Most kids don’t have mums who are councillors so they can’t have this much fun.”

Can’t honestly say I’d agree totally with her as the alternatives I offered her were using her paddling pool in the garden or playing with the knights in her castle.

And finally I just need to say an enormous thanks to Royal Mail. Our second class mailing intended to arrive on Saturday or Monday morning actually reached some members on Friday! Despite being posted after 7:00pm at Royal Mail’s huge Stourton depot.  Now that’s fantastic service by a profitable public sector company. It’s one more reason why we should fight to keep the Royal Mail in public ownership and stop the Tories flogging it off on the cheap.

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