Save Rothwell fire station

Rothwell fire station has been earmarked for closure under radical plans that will see six fire stations in Leeds close and 200 fire fighter jobs be slashed. The local community in Rothwell, Woodlesford, Outlton and Carlton has reacted angrily to the news and is standing shoulder to shoulder with myself and Councillor David Nagle to fight the proposed closure.

Save Rothwell fire station

Local residents and community groups turned out in force to kick start the campaign to save Rothwell fire station.

Please do your bit by signing our online petition and asking your friends and family to sign it as well. Remember that you sign as an individual so everyone in your house can sign as well. You can also download a paper petition that you can print to get others to sign. Print some copies and take them to your local pub, club, shops, takeaway etc and ask them to put the petition on the counter. We need as many people as possible to sign.

Download the Stop the closure of Rothwell fire station petition PDF.

2 Replies to “Save Rothwell fire station

  1. South Leeds is always a dumping ground for the rest of leeds residents (rubbish tips
    and Gipsey camps, motor ways, link roads to name just a few) and we are the first to
    get cuts in services and this one will put lives and property at risk I hope the people
    responsiblle are put on trial for murder at the first fatality

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