Defending Carlton’s greenspace

I was able to update members of the Carlton Residents Association (CVRA) last night but this is for those that weren’t able to attend. There are currently a couple of issues which many Carlton residents are concerned about.

The latest news on the traveller site development at Castle Gate, just within Wakefield, and bordering onto Leeds is that this was discussed at the recent plans panel meeting and a submission has been made to Wakefield council in objection to the planning application. My objections, and those from local residents are included in the objection from Leeds City Council. Wakefield council will be making the decision on this.

Cllr Karen Bruce and David NagleJust to update on the proposed development of 14 houses on an area of land off Shayfield Lane, in Carlton, which has been nurtured through farming for decades. The land lies between the houses on Queens Drive and the children’s play area and fields.

Many Carlton residents, some of whom have lived in the area for decades, fear the plans could spoil the character of our rural village and traffic could endanger children as the playground is next to the proposed development,

There have been around 45 letters of objection (including my objection as a local councillor on behalf of local resdients) received up to the  deadline of 29 March, but the planning department often try to accept any comments up to the decision date, so it still isn’t too late to make a representation. Hisorically, an application was refused in 2000 for 16 detached and two semi-detached houses for the site not being previously developed under then national planning housing guidance PPG3. A further application for 18 houses was also withdrawn in 2000.

The houses overlooking the green fields are faced with having somebody else’s house at the end of their garden blocking their light and outlook. Not all residents can drive and their pleasure comes from their own gardens. We have one village shop and public transport isn’t good enough that people don’t need to use cars so this would increase traffic on rural village roads.

This application to build on one of our green fields makes no provision for affordable housing or improvements to the local infrastructure which  I believe makes it unsustainable.

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