Carnival in the air in Rothwell

Karen Bruce and Esme at Rothwell May Day fair 2011 Had another great bank holiday weekend in and around Rothwell. It started on Friday with an official road closure outside The Unicorn in Carlton for our very own street party to celebrate the Royal Wedding. There was loads going on including \ barbeque, home made cake stalls, hook a duck, fun fair rides for the children and several live bands playing in the car park with a vegetable delivery lorry from Dobson’s pressed into service as a stage. The first band on was Defender, which was not only surprisingly good but had the added bonus that the dad of one of Esme’s friends was playing bass guitar. And what else would you expect in the jewel of the Rhubarb triangle than the Rhubarb Olympics – our daughter Esme made a valiant effort in the Rhubarb chucking managing to at least hit the bucket and being rewarded with a commemorative William and Kate china bell!

Saturday and Sunday saw more #labourdoorstep with us out campaigning in Rothwell, delivering leaflets and talking to people about the local elections on Thursday. It’s so inspiring to see how riled people are at what the Liberal Democrats have done to them. It’s interesting to see that it’s not just Labour and Liberal Democrat voters who are angry, but even some Conservatives. I met one woman who traditionally votes Conservative in the general elections and Liberal Democrat in the local elections – she was saying how she couldn’t bring herself to vote for either the Tories or Lib Dems as she was disgusted at what the coalition government are doing and in particular she was worried about her three grandchildren and whether they would be able to go to university at £9,000 a year each. It was also great to hear so many local people saying they’ve already voted for me with their postal votes, many making a point of coming out of their homes to tell me and other Labour members whilst out campaigning.

Today it was more campaigning this morning, swiftly followed by the Rothwell May Day festivities. The highlight for me was bumping into and talking to so many people I know, both friends and voters that I’ve met while out campaigning. The highlight for Stuart, my husband, was probably the traditional Punch and Judy show – something you rarely see these days. It also appeared to enthral Esme who especially loved it when the crocodile came on. But the real highlight for Esme was her ride on a little white donkey called Sally and having her face painted as a ladybird. I thought the Morris dancing was great as well!

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