Andy Burnham for Labour leader

Here’s why I’ve decided to back Andy Burnham in the Labour leadership contest, I want my daughter to grow up in a country that is fair and just, governed by a Labour Party that is connected to the people. Andy is a choice for the future, I believe that Andy can rebuild Labour for a future generation.

When you look around at who’s running the country now (the elite) it even makes me feel marginalised, and I’ve been a politico for many years as a Labour Party councillor and activist. I get the feeling that Andy understands what it’s like for working class people, a northerner, his dad was a telephone engineer and his mum was a receptionist – I can identify with that and I think a lot of people will.  One tweet this morning said Andy is “Evertonian not Etonian” and I think this sums it up.

As well as having a huge political talent and a natural with people, Andy has a lot to offer and a different persona to the others standing for the leadership.

We have a lot to thank Tony Blair for (winning three terms of a Labour government for a start), and Gordon Brown for leading the nation out of the financial crisis. For the future, re-connecting with the people is going to be the key.

We need to offer the people real choice, Andy is a complete contrast to David Cameron and Nick Clegg. Andy will bring a breath of fresh air to the campaign, the party as leader, and I am convinced -to the country as our future prime minister.

The Labour party is the people’s party and I believe that Andy is one who can take it back to its roots.

You can be part of of it at Andy’s website

Having said that, I think it’s essential that we have a good debate, the party needs it for renewal, I was pleased to hear that Diane Abbot is standing this morning. I would like to see as many candidates as possible go forward for consideration by the party and to promote debate on all the issues. Candidates only need 33 MPs to get on the ballot paper, candidates shouldn’t be greedy and rob the party of this opportunity for debate by taking so many nominations it prevents everyone standing. This is an exciting time for the party and the opportunity is there for the taking.

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