Fourth term within sight for Labour

Sunday Times The YouGov poll in today’s Sunday Times shows a narrowing of the Conservative lead to just 2%. This would actually mean that Labour would be just nine seats short of forming an overall government. This is great news, and though by no means can Labour be complacent, if this trend continues we will get a fourth term, which would certainly be a historic moment for the party. In 1997 a third term was a distant dream, a fourth an impossibility. Yet here we are 13 years later and a fourth term is indeed possible. It’s up to us now to secure that victory and make sure that the momentum doesn’t slide away from us. I believe passionately that only Labour has the best interest of all sections of the community at heart and over the 13 years there have been some great achievements – the national minimum wage, investment in our schools and hospitals are just some, and we’ve had our ups and we’ve certainly had our downs, and I think we’ve learned a great deal as a party. On the doorsteps in Leeds yesterday, it felt optimistic. It’s great to see we’re winning people back and that people are putting their trust back in Labour. I think that the main reason is the upturn in the economy. For the first time in a YouGov poll since July 2007, before the financial crisis, people trust Labour more than the Tories to run the economy. The saying is very true – actions speak louder than words!

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