Lightweight opportunist or experienced pair of hands?

As the year 2010 begins we will have a tough choice to make as a nation in the coming months. There are stark differences between the two main parties and it is up to us as Labour Party members to make sure that voters know what these differences are. The results of the election this year will shape what the next 10 to 20 years are to look like. Make no mistake, if the Conservatives gain power, those to benefit will be the richest estate owners in the country through the Conservatives planned inheritance tax cuts. Without a doubt Tory plans would benefit the few not the many.

There will be big changes this year, these will come from a new intake of Labour MPs who will bring a fresh perspective, to build on the many good things that the Labour government has done over the last 12 years . Positive change will not come from the Conservatives who have failed to capture the public imagination, even 12 years on from their demise in 1997.

The televised debates will provide a valuable opportunity for Gordon Brown to get his message across, voters will get a chance to compare and contrast in full how the two party leaders cope head to head. I think that Gordon will do a better job as the more experienced and knowledgeable of the pair

Gordon Brown has been a good safe pair of hands at the helm here whilst the storms have battered the global economy. Taking the bull by the horns and levying a windfall tax on banker’s bonuses was the right thing to do and the government’s vision includes a clear plan to halve the deficit in the next four years.

The general election campaign starts now, interesting times lie ahead!

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