Cut in Elmet and Rothwell and it hurts our people

The local Conservatives in Elmet and Rothwell are showing their true colours. Alan Lamb, a Wetherby councillor, on his blog, is calling for cuts in public services. He even goes as far as to say and I quote “I hope, and the signs are encouraging, that my party will go into the next general election proudly promising to cut public spending and being specific and honest about what that will mean.”  Does Alan care to tell us exactly what he means and which of our local residents will get their operation axed, which older people in our communities will lose their home care, and which of our streets in Elmet and Rothwell will feel the effects of having their local police team cut?

I’m proud to say that Labour is there to look after everyone, and we know that cutting our public services hits our most vulnerable people hard,  especially those most in need, whereas, the Conservatives have always stood for benefiting the few!

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  1. I’ve only learned today of the existence of this site and this post in particular otherwise I’d have responded quite happily much sooner. I’m glad, at least, that in spite of mis-representing my view you’ve given people the chance to link to and read the post you refer to in full. Let’s be clear, not once do I argue for a cut in public services. Cutting spending is perfectly possible without hurting front line services, which is the stated policy of the current Government who propose cutting spending by 7% between 2011-2014, even though Gordon Brown can’t bring himself to admit it. If Karen doesn’t believe this is possible perhaps she would like to tell us which services she would see cut in order to achieve this reduction. How many police officers, armed forces personnel, nurses or teachers will lose their jobs if Labour is re-elected? This country desperately needs a mature debate about how we will restore balance to the public finances which are in a complete mess by whichever measure you care to use. It’s a debate I’m perfectly happy to have. Alan Lamb

  2. Alan, with the type of sweeping cuts that you are talking about, and that I think you’ll get should a Conservative government be elected, you must realise that even with looking at improving efficiency, as should always be done, you will then be cutting into people’s front line services and hurting all residents, especially the most vulnerable people in society, and that is what concerns me the most!

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