Renewing the local Labour Party in Elmet and Rothwell

We had a good Rothwell Labour Party meeting this week. We had a lively discussion about what we all thought about recent national issues, including the devastating recent Euro election results, the expenses scandal, ID cards and elected mayors. We also talked about the issues local to us such as the incinerator which is to be built near us, that our MP is retiring, the fact that Oulton residents are feeling the effects of having lost their library, are amongst some of the subjects we got around to discussing.

Contrary to popular belief, local Labour Party meetings don’t just have to be boring and just talking about ‘the dog muck’. There’s a lot for us Labour Party members to do to restore trust with the electorate and we’ll have to start afresh and not take any vote for granted, as the recent Euro elections have shown and so now is an exciting time for anyone to get involved and be a part of the renewal of our party. I’m looking forward to our Elmet and Rothwell constituency meeting next week where we’ll hear from Colin Burgon MP about all the current issues and where all members will have a chance to get their voices heard.

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