On the Euro campaign trail in Elmet and Rothwell

I’ve been out enjoying the sunshine (and not too much rain) while out on the Euro campaign trail. It’s so important to ensure that we re-elect our Labour MEPs so they can carry on the good work they do for us. Let’s not let them pay for what has been happening in Westminster. The stark reality is that if enough Labour voters stay at home or protest at the Euro elections we could end up with a BNP MEP. After so many brave Britons gave their lives to liberate Europe from fascism it would be a travesty for Yorkshire and the Humber to be represented in Europe by a fascist party. Our Labour MEPs are busy campaigning all across Yorkshire and the Humber and I organised a campaigning session with Richard Corbett MEP in Elmet and Rothwell this week to ensure that our supporters here come out and vote Labour.

Let’s remember that this is a European election (we’re not having local elections this year in Elmet and Rothwell). We should vote for the party which will best represent us in Europe where there are clear policy differences. Let’s not forget that the Tories want to isolate Britain from Europe and have chosen to force their MEPs to sit inside a new European party grouping alongside fringe extremist parties.

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