Squeezing into a car parking space

As a parent of a very young child am I alone in fuming when a car without young children (or in fact any children) steals the parking (usually the only spot left) meant for parents of young children? I have to admit I’ve shot a look or two at offending drivers. It’s not so much that we necessarily need parking closer to the entrance of the supermarket or other place being visited at the time, but we do need to be able to open the car door fully to be able to get the little one out (and in again). So that is why we are allocated wider parking spaces, which are also sometimes placed to make getting the baby or child from car to entrance safer.

The size of car parking spaces varies greatly. The other day I was in an exceptionally narrow parking space (obviously not a parent/child space) and when I returned to the car, another car had parked in the next space, leaving a minute gap between the two cars. The rear car door would only open a couple of inches, my heart sank as I realised I couldn’t get my precious bundle into the car and my parking ticket had already run out ten minutes ago! I went round the other side of the car and surveyed the situation, could I get Esme (and myself at the same time) through the rear door at the other side of the car? The gap at that side was probably 4 inches wide. A car had pulled up, revving its engine waiting for my space and the guy watched as I attempted to squeeze Esme and myself through the gap (I can remember thinking I only wish I’d got rid of a few more of those extra baby pounds), it must have been quite a sight!

Eventually, I managed to contort myself enough to somehow get us both in, shuffle over to the child seat at the other side of the car and get Esme strapped in. Then I had to get myself out again, so, now used to contorting myself through the gap, it was a cinch. I then had to fold up the buggy, which was choosing to have an awkward moment and didn’t want to fold, the guy was revving harder as he waited for his spot.  When I eventually drove off, I then had to negotiate the car out of the tightest spot ever, and the narrowest gap I’ve seen between my row of cars and the cars behind.

Don’t get me started on people who steal disabled car parking spaces as that is far worse and and I’d go as far as to say it makes my blood boil! Maybe I will post about that later.

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