Gordon Brown’s conference speech

I liked Gordon’s speech today, the best bit for me was when he came back at the tories for claiming Britain is broken. He was right to say that Britain has never been broken and never will be broken. As someone who has served as a Labour councillor, I’ve seen the kind of spirit that people in our communities have and how they pull together and I have to agree that it can’t be broken. History shows us that if anything adversity makes that spirit stronger!

I liked the introduction by Sarah Brown too, good on her. People will say it’s cheesy but I liked to see the PMs wife coming out and saying her bit, I always thought that it was a shame that Cherie always came onto the stage but never got to say anything.  It reminded me of those old tv game shows where the hostess never got to say anything, she just got to spin a wheel or show off a prize in a pretty dress and smile stupidly!

Gordon also reminded people that “I’m all for apprenticeships, but let me tell you this is no time for a novice.” I could almost hear the huge clunking fist I thought he’d left behind!

The announcement during the speech that cancer patients are to benefit from free prescriptions will be a massive help to many suffering from cancer and I think everyone knows someone who has suffered from this horrendous disease. I’m pretty sure that Gordon also mentioned people with other long term illnesses and that help would also follow for them but I’ll have to check the transcript to found out the full details.

I hope that the media will do justice to Gordon’s speech (let’s hope he can win the hacks back) and tell it like it is as most people won’t have time to listen to all of it and will rely on the clips that are shown on the tv news and in the papers.

Could this be the turning point for Gordon?

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