Lapdancing clubs need law reform

I’m in London tomorrow looking at venues for a conference I’m organizing so I’ll be able to join the Fawcett Society protest as part of their ‘Sexism in the City’ campaign. Having written to my local Labour MP Colin Challen to ask him to support the EDM 1375 and Roberta Blackman Woods’ 10 Minute Rule Bill calling for licensing reforms, I was pleased to hear from Colin that he has given his support to this and signed the EDM.

I feel very strongly that allowing the proliferation of lap dancing clubs in Leeds has already had a negative effect on our city and people’s experience of the city centre and if changes are not made to the licensing laws then the situation will become even worse. The extent that this has effected Leeds means that the City Square area next to Leeds station is overshadowed by a huge lapdancing club and there are also others in what should be great areas of our city. This is an issue that effects all our towns and cities.

Lapdancing clubs have the same licence as a pub or cafe – with a premises licence. They need to be licensed as sex encounter establishments as sex shops already are. This would put power into the hands of each local authority to apply restrictions to protect those living and working in the area including those working in the clubs.

I’m also attending a Progress speech by James Purnell, ‘The progressive challenge: How can welfare foster independence and responsibility?

Should be an interesting day!

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