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It’s a very busy and exciting time running up to the local elections, where I’m standing as the Labour Party candidate for the Rothwell ward. My daughter often comes out with me on the campaign trail, she loves to watch whilst being pushed around in her push chair. It wasn’t the best of weather today as I got soaked, whilst Esme was snug, and dry under cover whilst Stuart pushed her around.

It’s particularly lovely to speak to all kinds of different people whilst out and about in Rothwell, Woodlesford, Carlton and Oulton. I’ve had such a positive response and am made to feel very welcome wherever I go. Many people have said some very encouraging words and I know that there are many who will be watching the results closely as they truly want a new Labour councillor in Rothwell.

It’s 8 years since the Lib Dems first got elected in Rothwell and there is a lot of disappointment over the lack of action from the current councillors and the fact that they are supporting the Conservatives in running Leeds City Council without ever being honest with and consulting with local people to see if that’s what they want.  They’ve helped preside over all the social services cuts hitting our older folk so hard.

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  1. I am interested to know why on your election leaflet about the rise in council tax over the last ten years you implied the Liberal Dems plus the Tories had more than doubledthe costs for Leeds, surely most of the time included in your note the council was under Labour control?
    Why over the last five years have the campaign leaflets from labour been so negative and containing personal attacks on the lib dems surely this has something to do with the loss of seats for labour in this area

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