It’s Cleggmeron!

It’s an amazing likeness, they must have been separated at birth, Cameron and Clegg that is.

I had to smile at the cartoon in yesterday’s Guardian, of Nick Clegg, the Liberal Democrat leader delivering his conference speech, saying “It is I Cleggmeron”. The face on the cartoon was a mix of Clegg and Cameron, or was it, and could we tell the difference?

On a more serious note though, Nick Clegg addressed the question of alliances with other parties, saying he would never allow the Liberal Democrats to be a “mere annexe” to another party.

Well that’s just about what the Liberal Democrats here in Leeds are to the Leeds Tories. They joined with the Tories back in 2004 and have been running Leeds City Council since, the Lib Dems have been supporting every single one of the Tory cuts in services for the most vulnerable in our communities hitting many older, younger and in fact most council tax payers hard, as well as the staff on the frontline who deliver the vital services for the council.

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