Carlton is a nice village when kept clean

Karen Bruce with litter on grass verges in Carlton

I’ve noticed recently that the streets are not as clean as they should be in the Rothwell ward. One example is whilst out walking in Carlton where we live with our daughter we couldn’t help but notice that there seems to be a lot of litter about on our grass verges, like opposite Carlton school here.

Litter on grass verges in Carlton

It’s a shame that the grass verges aren’t kept clean and tidy. One of the three men that represent Rothwell is in charge of street cleaning as part of City Services.


Dog muck in Carlton

Of Of course we know people shouldn’t let their dogs foul in public areas and most residents take their doggy bags with them. There’s no excuse, but there should be more bins provided to make it easier and those that there are should be sited in more logical positions!

I’ve contacted Leeds City Council about these issues.

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