Karen’s catch up

Been extremely busy and out of the blogging habit. Following May’s election, we had our beautiful daughter Esme in the summer so I’ve been spending lots of quality time with her, and have continued with my campaigning in Rothwell and helping out constituents. Only a week after having Esme, I was sorting out a social care problem for an older Rothwell resident which resulted in a change in how the service is delivered.

Stuart, Esme and I went to Labour Party Conference in September and had a good week there with Gordon Brown as the new PM.

In October I organised the Leeds event for ‘No Pay Day’, the Fawcett Society and Unison’s national event on 30 October

Karen Bruce and Lisa Mulherin with babies

Me and Esme with Lisa Mulherin and her baby son Sean highlighting the pay gap between men and women. No Pay Day is equivalent to men getting paid all year and women only being paid until October 30 and working for nothing until the end of the year. This means that if nothing is done to improve equality that over their expected working lives Sean will be paid £188,000 more than Esme.

Am loving being a mum and campaigning hard locally on issues such as the cuts the Tory/ Lib Dem coalition in Leeds are making hitting local people hard and making sure that Rothwell is not put into the shadow of the massive incinerator we could end up with under their rule.

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