Procession of vehicles form demo on Leeds Road

A demonstration was staged yesterday by the Leeds and Wakefield Road Residents Action Group (LWRRAG). We gathered at 8am in the car park at the Stepping Stones pub in Rothwell. There was lots of media interest in the event and reporters and photographers from the Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post were present. Look North and Calendar were also there filming.

The event went very well with around fifteen cars taking place in the procession which drove around the Leeds and Wakefield Roads (A639 and A642) for an hour with specially made ‘not a rat run’ flags fixed to the cars and a lorry which was covered with the banner ‘this is not a rat run A639 and A6342’. Graham Mortimer, one of the residents on the road, did a great job getting the lorry banner and flags done, they looked great, partiularly the lorry, well done!

The council’s failure to act on residents concerns, even to take the concerns seriously, smacks of treating us with contempt and we’re determined that something will be done about the speeding cars tearing through and lorries using the roads as a rat run when they should be using the motorway.

The biggest killer of young people is road traffic and although it’s a 40mph road, vehicles tear past at 70mph. We don’t want our young people to be in danger, so action has to be taken.

Today’s Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post both cover the demo along with a picture of the lorry in all its glory!

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