Loss of Rothwell Police Station helpdesk

It’s sad that we’ve lost yet another of our frontline services here in Rothwell. The closure of the helpdesk at Rothwell police station is a backwards step. I know from campaigns I’ve led and been involved with in the past that it is possible to overturn these decisions but you do need the support of the councillors elected to represent you. I would like to think that in past years when Rothwell had Labour councillors this would not have happened. Only two of all the helpdesks in the Leeds district were earmarked for closure – Otley and  Rothwell. The thing that both of these wards have in common is Liberal Democrat councillors. I believe that if enough fuss had been kicked up by our representatives then there is a chance we would still have our helpdesk. Even when cuts have been identified there’s always a possibility that they can be overturned. If Rothwell is seen as fair game and weak enough not to put up any real opposition then what will the next cut be?

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