NHS still provides the best value for money

hospital.jpgI recently spent some time in hospital and so experienced at first hand the service that the NHS offers (which is why I haven’t posted for a while). My ward was very clean and overall I was impressed by most of the people who worked at St James’s. I think that everyone who works in a hospital does a difficult and demanding job from doctors to porters and from nurses to catering staff. I always feel proud when I think that the NHS was created by the Labour Party and that anyone can receive free healthcare in this country. It is a different story for many who live in other countries, and even in so called civilised countries like America, where if you have not got the cash you don’t get the treatment. It was good to hear that Labour are giving a £750 million cash boost for community hospitals and services. The cash is to help deliver faster, more convenient services in local communities and in people’s homes. I think that bringing services closer to people in the community is a positive step and more treatments in community hospitals, local health centres and where possible home treatment such as chemotherapy or mobile cancer scans seems like a very good idea.

There’s been a lot of media attention recently about NHS deficits, but the trusts covering Leeds are actually all operating in surplus (except the ambulance trust). The headline figure is £512 million NHS deficit. The fact is is that only 6% (of 567) NHS trusts are responsible for running up 50% of the deficit, and only 31% are in any deficit. Most of these are located in London and the South East.

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