Road safety campaign first success

Woodlanespeedsign_3Good news, our road safety campaign has seen it’s first success!

Dynamic speed alert signs have been placed on Wood
Lane, Rothwell and on Aberford Road. The new signs flash if a driver is going
too fast, tell the driver to slow down and what the speed limit is.

This is a start in
improving road safety. It’s great that the campaign is starting to work and we
are seeing some success. But there is a long way to go. Our demands have forced some action, and we’ll continue our
campaign with vigour as we must have a lorry ban on the danger roads and a
crossing at Royds School. We also need more of these flashing signs.

Working with the Leeds Road Residents Action Group, a number of measures have been identified for action. Watch this space!

2 Replies to “Road safety campaign first success

  1. As a resident of Woodlesford I was happy to discover the implementation of the long-awaited traffic-calming lights on Aberford Road. Then I recoiled in horror to discover they are placed NOT on the busy stretch between Oulton roundabout and Swillington Bridges – where, I might add, many road deaths and injuries have occured over the years – but on the one-way street leading to the dual-carriageway.
    Safety measures have already been placed on this stretch of road including the traffic-island opposite the old Oulton School, which causes traffic to slow down to a crawl before entering the one-way street.
    And then I found out where Stuart Golton lives. Oh yes! On Farrar Lane. Do I see some raised eyebrows in the audience?
    It seems to me that the far reaching arms of the Oulton Society have once again found their way into the halls of power, not to protect Oulton as a whole, but to rid ‘their’ neighbourhood of any teatime reminders of an outside world which might inflict itself upon its Ming Vase sensibilities.
    Oh yes, Im angry about this. The stats will show that the aforementioned stretch of road is the busier AND more dangerous, with far more fatalities.
    I would like you to ask Mr Golton why the busier stretch has been ignored in favour of the One-way street?
    And if it is deemed that the One-way street is as dangerous as people say, then I will still reply that the main Aberford road is the more dangerous.
    This being the case has he any plans for equality? Will he stem the growing cynicism in Oulton and Woodlesford by adding more signs down the main shopping area of Aberford Road, like the ‘save our children’ signs in Swillington?
    I will be forwarding my comments to Mr Golton once I find out where he hides on the internet.
    My heartfelt commiserations on the election results. Keep your chin up and keep plugging away.

  2. At last – a kindred spirit. I agree whole-heartedly with all said regards traffic calming measures in Woodlesford. Speeders are not an issue when it comes to the small stretch leading to the dual carriageway so why introduce an expensive system that basically doesn’t deter people anyway. And we echo your inkling about where Mr Golton lives, our thoughts exactly. I would like to find out how many serious accidents have been on that stretch as it’s my understanding from dealings with the council that it needs about 5 serious incidents to warrant an investigation into traffic calming measures.
    I’ve only lived in Woodlesford for just over a year, yet I can see that there is a distinct lack of interest in quelling the speeding traffic which passes through the area, as well over the bridge near the Hotel. We hear the traffic on Aberford Road from where we live – it almost sounds like a motorway.
    I myself would like to see the introduction of speed humps on Eshald Lane in Woodlesford as it seems to be a favourite with drivers who have a distinct lack of brain cells and like to travel at increasingly dangerous speeds. Not to mention the people who think dumping their rubbish down there is a clever idea. Yet when I contacted the Lib Dems about speed humps earlier this year, it took them over a month to respond to my enquiry, then stated that in their experience, the older generation tend to be very “vociferous” about the introduction of speed humps and in general ask for them to be removed shortly after introduction. He then basically insinuated they caused more harm than good!!! I’m not sure what he meant by harm, maybe for the Council budget?
    Hmmmm. Makes you wonder how intelligent they actually are and how many accidents its going to take to get something done about the matter.

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