Rothwell Town Centre

Rothwell_2 We hold a regular Labour Party street stall on Commercial Street precinct in Rothwell and I’ve found it’s a great way of picking up issues and listening to local people. We’ve picked up a number of important issues this way including the Wood Lane evening bus issue when the estate had been left without a bus in the evening for six months and no-one had taken up the issue for residents until I did.

We were out in the freezing cold last Saturday morning at the street stall and it was nice to see some familiar faces doing their shopping in Rothwell. We’ve had many comments about the town centre and how it’s been run down over the last few years, it really is an eyesore with the boarded up shops and lack of TLC, such a shame when you think that Rothwell used to be a lovely little town centre and has so much potential. People feel no-one cares about Rothwell and it’s really sad to hear Rothwell people being so downhearted and disillusioned. It’s a fact that Morrisons have and will have a big say in Rothwell Town Centre but that doesn’t mean that necessary pressures can’t be brought to bear. Morrisons are of course a company whose profits are the most important thing. Unfortunately Rothwell isn’t their top priority!

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