Campaign to save Rothwell’s frontline police service

Local people are furious about plans by West Yorkshire Police to axe its frontline service in Rothwell. West Yorkshire Police wants to scrap the public helpdesk which is open to any residents who are victims of crime or who need police advice. I think that it’s an outrage. Knowing that they can visit their local police station if they should need to gives people a sense of safety and reassurance. I’m determined to fight these plans and keep the level of service that Rothwell, Oulton, Woodlesford and Carlton  residents deserve. These plans must not be allowed to go ahead and I urge local residents to campaign with me to keep the police station.

West Yorkshire Police has said that Rothwell’s public helpdesk gets less visits by residents than some other stations. But Rothwell has been singled out for these cuts, the fact is that Rothwell council tax payers pay just as much towards policing as anywhere else in West Yorkshire. We are not a soft target and will fight this all the way." 

If you would like to join the campaign then leave a comment below (just click on the word comment) or email me at or write to me at 36 Town Street, Carlton, Rothwell, WF3 3QU.

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  1. Thanks for your Rose newspaper. I did not know that the Liberals were against stopping the thugs. That is probably why they’ve done nothing to help those people that want their buses back.

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