Lib Dems snub road safety campaigners

Despite the snow, many concerned residents braved the elements to attend last Friday’s public meeting about road safety. Those attending included local campaigners Gerard Khoshnaw, Trish Bromilow and Ian Summerfield, as well as other local residents. Both Colin Challen, Labour MP for Morley and Rothwell, and myself put forward practical ideas for what we could both do to help the campaign.

Many residents were angry and upset about the way they have been ignored and treated with contempt for the last two years. They were unable to express their concerns to any of the three local Liberal Democrat councillors and none of them thought that road safety was an important enough issue to warrant them attending the meeting.

However Colin and I are determined that we won’t ignore the very real dangers. We’re not willing to wait for someone to be killed and are determined to help local people get things done.

3 Replies to “Lib Dems snub road safety campaigners

  1. I hate getting on high horses… but, if you want some hard stats about road safety, maybe your Lib Dems would take more notice if they knew that the single biggest killer of 11-16 yos is traffic.
    Maybe you should include a clause in your campaign to make drivers automatically liable for a crash involving a child. Sounds harsh but is done in many European countries who have vastly better road safety records.

  2. How about an article entitled “Karen Bruce snubs hard-working residents in Garforth”? It is a shame that Labour politicians are more interested in getting elected than in actually serving the communities which they represent…

  3. Can you tell me what View from Outside on about? Our Liberal Democrat councillors don’t do anything – except for the chap you see in the paper talking about bins but he doesn’t do anything in Rothwell.

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