People power calls for new Rothwell bus

Arriva_busA fantastic idea from Rob Shaw, Rothwell resident and fed up passenger of the appalling 443 bus service which he uses to get from Rothwell into Leeds. His pledge to use a rival bus service to Arriva’s should someone come forward willing to take on the challenge of running the service can be seen at Rothwell bus pledge at the pledgebank website. It has already been signed by lots of similarly fed up Rothwell residents including myself, I too have experienced the delights of the 443 service including waiting for the buses only for them not to turn up at all, being late or being too early believe it or not! I think that Arriva also have a lot to learn about customer service and I think a rival small friendly company for Rothwell could do really well. So visit the site and show your support – people power really can work.

The story was covered in Friday’s Wakefield Express.

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