Protests over axing of Wood Lane Estate evening buses

BusstopI was amazed when I heard from residents that there have been no buses
on the Wood Lane Estate after six o’ clock since August. I was asked to
take the issue up at our regular Labour Party street stall on
Commercial Street in Rothwell.

The buses were axed because of
anti social behaviour. However, this is now six months ago and no-one
has put the necessary pressure on to get this matter sorted out on
behalf of residents. What are the Rothwell LibDem councillors doing?

have taken the matter up with Metro who have now asked for urgent talks
with Arriva and the police. See the story in last night’s Yorkshire Evening Post.

just not good enough that people can’t get home after six, and in order
to get out in the evening they have to walk the cold, dark streets.

wants a bus that is unsafe, but it is grossly unfair to the majority of
residents on the estate who have done nothing wrong to penalise them
for the anti social behaviour of a few. A solution has to be found to
get the buses running again asap as safely as possible..

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